She-Cat (Straight from Her Creator's Pencils)

17th Sep 2012, 9:01 AM in No Lunch for Heroes
She-Cat (Straight from Her Creator's Pencils)
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EssayBee 17th Sep 2012, 9:01 AM
Here's the first of two pics by other artists. This great pic of She-Cat is from She-Cat's creator, Elysium Bliss. (And She-Cat is the sole Copyright of Elysium Bliss--I've used her with permission.) I did the colors and, since I thought it screamed "cover image," added a title and simple background. Bliss has been EXTREMELY supportive of Fusion and since issue 2 has graciously let me use She-Cat. Bliss is currently working on a She-Cat comic, and--even cooler for me--she's planning on setting it in Fusion's world. Even better, there's already plans for some Fusion characters to eventually make appearances in She-Cat. (And I can't wait to see Bliss's take on some of the Fusion cast.) Unfortunately, Bliss is pretty busy, so She-Cat is something she can only work on in her limited spare time, so production on it may be a bit slow, but she has pencils of the first page completed, and it looks great. To see that page (as well as some of her other art), check out her DeviantArt page at (WARNING: Some of her art is adult-themed, so be sure your DeviantArt filters are set properly or else you might see some boobies.) If you stop by and like what you see, drop her a line (tell her EssayBee sent you) and maybe commission her for a pic.