Fusion #12 Page 20

10th May 2016, 7:01 AM in Oblivion Looms
Fusion #12 Page 20
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Author Notes:

EssayBee 10th May 2016, 7:01 AM
Here's page 20 of Fusion #12, and Fusion sees a common thread running through some of her encounters.

For the incident during the Mass Master confrontation, refer to Fusion #7 (in particular, http://fusion.thecomicseries.com/comics/191 ).


Black Rose 10th May 2016, 7:46 AM
Will Fusion be,somehow,affected by this and start saying "no hope" or does Bob make her immune to that?
EssayBee 10th May 2016, 10:01 AM
Black Rose--You'll get some answers next issue.
omni 16th May 2016, 3:33 PM
they likely have some resistance, but from previous story thing,the shadow guy that has been doing this obviously got to fracture, warping its mind. if it were to happen to fusion, it would likely have similar things happen
man in black 10th May 2016, 8:59 PM
man in black
He's one of them now
Black Rose 12th May 2016, 6:43 AM
Imagine Savunn in school and she sees a new girl about her age but she bears an uncanny resemblance to She-Cat!!!
EssayBee 12th May 2016, 11:19 AM
Black Rose--She-Cat's at least in her 20s, so doubtful Savunn would ever see her in her school (unless she was undercover as a teacher).
Black Rose 12th May 2016, 12:51 PM
Unless the girl in question is a clone of She-Cat only younger?
Black Rose 13th May 2016, 8:26 AM
For those of you wondering about the second season of Supergirl,well read this...

Black Rose 15th May 2016, 6:28 AM
RIP Darwyn Cooke...! :(