Fusion #13 Page 17

13th Dec 2016, 6:01 AM in Revelations
Fusion #13 Page 17
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Author Notes:

EssayBee 13th Dec 2016, 6:01 AM
Here's page 17 of Fusion #13, and our heroes begin to delve into a deeper look at Captain Stupendous's powers and the creation of Major Power. Savunn's mention of the Faces magazine interview with Captain Stupendous refers, of course, to the interview published earlier (starting at http://fusion.thecomicseries.com/comics/241/ ).

It looks like the content of this issue is a bit different from how I had originally outlined it. In my original outline, everything you've read so far (and for the remainder of this issue), I had expected to only take around 10 pages. But, as the conversations unraveled and I began to see how many things needed to be discussed, I realized that the Brooder-centric content I had planned to take up the remaining 11-15 pages would need to go in the next issue (and there's a lot of Brooder backstory to cover). Because of this, the current cover of this issue will make more sense as the cover to Issue #14. So, I'll be changing the current cover to be that of Issue #14 and create a new, more issue-content-related cover for this issue (which will have a similar layout, but feature different characters). At least the title of "Revelations" still makes sense, since a lot is being revealed this issue (and look for a lot more to be revealed next issue). I'll probably roll out the new Issue #13 cover when Issue #14 begins.


Black Rose 13th Dec 2016, 7:49 AM
Is Conroy telling Savunn about the "true" nature of Captain Stupendous' "people"?
EssayBee 13th Dec 2016, 8:27 AM
Yep. Or, at least, their perceived true nature, since it's possible they have no real form (at least as far as we comprehend form).
Black Rose 13th Dec 2016, 12:36 PM
Hopefully Bob will make some mention of encountering Stupendous' race.
...(RockB) 9th Nov 2017, 12:48 PM
Gosh, I was so tempted to drop the term "Those Unknowable" here.
Zodo 16th Dec 2016, 12:21 AM
It's interesting that Conroy talks about Brooder in the third person.
EssayBee 16th Dec 2016, 9:56 AM
Gotta keep the personas compartmentalized. Plus, he still hasn't formerly confirmed Savunn's belief at this point. But, seeing how this meeting was set up the morning after Fusion called Brooder "Adam" (see beginning of Issue #7), you can bet it's something very much on his mind.
the_ignored 16th Dec 2016, 12:21 AM
Wonder if "Bob" IS a member of Stupendous' race. Though if he was, he'd have mentioned it, I imagine.

Maybe Stupendous' race is soemthing else...
EssayBee 16th Dec 2016, 9:56 AM
the_ignored--Bob's kind are a different race, but you're right that they are both energy-based races. I think it likely that at some point we'll hear a bit more about what Bob thinks of Stupendous (aside from his "Dork" comment back in Issue #2).
Kether 17th Dec 2016, 8:48 AM
Plus, according to one of Savunn's note on Dr. Electric's interview, the Inceptiverse is considered off-limits for Bob's race. Hearing his thoughts on Stupendous' race will be quite interesting.