Fusion #13 Page 22

24th Jan 2017, 6:01 AM in Revelations
Fusion #13 Page 22
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Author Notes:

EssayBee 24th Jan 2017, 6:01 AM
Here's page 22 of Fusion #13, and Savunn is shocked about a certain revelation regarding Captain Stupendous.

Next update will end the issue.


Black Rose 24th Jan 2017, 6:11 AM
If Captain Stupendous is REALLY an angel...?
Xade 24th Jan 2017, 8:42 AM
Angel eh? good thing CS is humble. He'd be the first one to say he makes mistakes
Just_IDD 24th Jan 2017, 5:33 PM
I don't think that's a conclusion I can I'd want to stand behind. What is Brooder going to ask him -- sprout some wings? That's worse than a cape.
QueekOneEye 24th Jan 2017, 6:58 PM
Well, wings may not strictly be required. After all, he might go the route of favoring a white and gold color scheme, the use of a halo and other common imagery associated in the West with angelic beings. There is a wide and varied set of options available.

But I would agree that wings rank up there with capes for impractical looks that generally end up used for their 'cool' factor.
man in black 24th Jan 2017, 8:39 PM
man in black
I think you lost her
jamoecw 24th Jan 2017, 11:28 PM
not exactly an angel, but an agent of god energy. which is easily a symbol of an agent of god, also known as an angel in the christian world.

in other words all they need to do is remind people that stupendous is tapped into creation energy, and powers is not. if they just use a show of force (stupendous is stronger), it becomes a david vs. goliath where stupendous plays the part of goliath.
Tolrick 26th Jan 2017, 9:38 PM
That analogy is not really something I'm in favor of.
Casting Stupendous in the role of Goliath? It didn't go all that well for the Philistine back then.
jamoecw 30th Jan 2017, 12:29 AM
that's my point, a simple show of force isn't what is needed, and it will probably play out against captain rather than for.
EssayBee 30th Jan 2017, 9:51 AM
Yep, I think Brooder would agree whole-heartedly with this point. The emphasis needs to be on Stupendous as a symbol of "good" and "justice"; relative power levels are a distraction, and creating an "underdog" American symbol in Major Power would probably be self-defeating.
Kether 25th Jan 2017, 1:56 AM
Brooder (or I least I think it was him) as referred to Cap's as "the angel" before. We thought he was being rhetorical, due to Stupendous' personality, but it seems he was being quite literal.

Good misdirection!
EssayBee 25th Jan 2017, 10:01 AM
Yep. [For those who don't recall what Kether is talking about, refer back to Brooder's talk with the Rev. Don Reeves back in Issue #11 (in particular, starting at http://fusion.webcomic.ws/comics/329).]
Gregory 27th Jan 2017, 9:24 AM
I don't think he was referring to CS. Didn't the people she saved refer to her as an "angel of light"?
Queek 27th Jan 2017, 9:15 PM
Who is to say there can't be multiple angels? The angel who was (Humanity, representing the angels of our better nature), the angel who is (Cap Stupendous) and the angel who will be (Savun/Bob as Fusion).

...And now I imagined that in the voice of Zathras.
Kether 28th Jan 2017, 5:13 PM
You know, the relationship between the Oblivion harbringer and Edward Lord do remind a bit of the Shadows and Londo ;D
Queek 29th Jan 2017, 9:25 PM
...And now I'm imagining Stupendous as a Vorlon. Crap.
...(RockB) 9th Nov 2017, 1:27 PM
Phew. That's a hard sell: Is an angel better than an American superhero, a superhero even created by American greatness? Whom would you trust more, a truely born American or an alien who lied to all of you all the time by making up an American-like appearance but is now reveiled as something else? He's not even human!

This idea may backfire, big time.

Not that I have a better idea by now, except laying low and gather information
EssayBee 10th Nov 2017, 9:35 PM
Just to clarify: it's common knowledge that Captain Stupendous is alien--he explained as much in his Faces magazine interview, and it's one of the reasons Lord gives for not trusting him back in Issue #4.
...(RockB) 11th Nov 2017, 4:13 AM
Thanks for the clarification, I lost that detail from the radar.

Also, now reading it again, I should have put the first paragraph of my first comment here a bit differently, like so:

Phew. That's a hard sell: Is an angel better than an American superhero?
"A superhero created by American greatness! Whom would you trust more, a truely born American or an alien who lied to all of you all the time by making up an American-like appearance but is now reveiled as something else? He's not even human!"

As much as the part in quotation marks contains "alternative facts" (but it's not all untrue), pointing out the outer-world-ness of CS would work best if the SAS would be an international team... Huh. Wait, if Brooder wants so make the move to put the SAS under UN jurisdiction... with greater freedom in the humanitarian sector... making use of the things learned in the recent events... that might work well. It's still a bit risky, but it's such a big move that Lord would most likely not anticipate it and couldn't prepare for it in short time, while Brooder doesn't need special preparations within the UN, the truely good intentions would be in line with the UN's general intentions.