Fusion #14 Page 22

8th Aug 2017, 7:01 AM in Something to Brood About
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Fusion #14 Page 22
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EssayBee 8th Aug 2017, 7:01 AM edit delete
Here's page 22 of Fusion #14, and Savunn seems to be rattling some skeletons in Adam's closet.


Black Rose 8th Aug 2017, 8:11 AM edit delete reply
I don't like the look on Conroy's face,I hope Savunn didn't intentionally reopen any old wounds...! :O
Tolrick 8th Aug 2017, 1:52 PM edit delete reply
She knows exactly what she is doing.
Honestly answering the questions he asked.
Xade 8th Aug 2017, 8:20 AM edit delete reply
oh dear, the stinky stuff has hit the whirly machine!
Tolrick 8th Aug 2017, 1:50 PM edit delete reply
I think his expression is more because he didn't realize he'd left so many clues behind.
Some in the SAS might have issues with these actions and are intelligent enough to piece it together if they get on the right track.
A reason why he asked Ms. Stark to leave.
Black Rose 11th Aug 2017, 8:12 AM edit delete reply
If Dandy-Lion is still up in the vents,later confronts Savunn about everything she told Conroy,would he threaten her in some way or not?
NoRAd 15th Aug 2017, 3:39 AM edit delete reply
I'm sure if he does confront her later, we'll find out :D
...(RockB) 9th Nov 2017, 3:37 PM edit delete reply
She's Fusion. He can't really threaten her, only her loved ones. Might not be a good idea, since now we know that Adam Conroy is a murderer and that Richard Wilde supported him since years. As in "By making this threat you have taken responsibility for my loved ones. Anything happens to them and I publish what I know."