Fusion #15 Page 16

13th Nov 2018, 6:01 AM in Into the Fuzz
Fusion #15 Page 16
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Author Notes:

EssayBee 13th Nov 2018, 6:01 AM
Here's page 16 of Fusion #15, and Fusion dashes off . . . although Wandering Whistler seems to have other plans for her.


Black Rose 13th Nov 2018, 6:40 AM
Looks like Fusion can't leave Whistler high and dry!
O8h7w 13th Nov 2018, 8:12 AM
How many seconds does she have until Adam has followed Dandy-Lion? Would it even be enough for her to get back there without this holdup?
EssayBee 13th Nov 2018, 10:21 AM
It's pretty much impossible that she'd be able to get back in time to help Adam and Dandy-Lion. Doesn't mean she wouldn't try her best, and I think she goes by her gut and emotions more than logic. My biggest question when transcribing this scene was whether Whistler thought fast on his feet here or whether Brooder prepped him for situations like this when he decided he'd send Fusion to assist.
O8h7w 13th Nov 2018, 11:18 AM
Dandy-Lion hits the ground more or less at the end of the transmission that was a given, but there is still some seconds left for Brooder. That Fusion goes by gut rather than taking the time to think is absolutely obvious. I just didn't know how far away they are and how fast she flies - I think you answered this for the current situation.

On to your question, I seem to remember some other team member explicitly mentioning that Brooder asked them to stop Fusion from acting too fast to think. That may have been a general recommendation to everyone in SAS thus explaining WW's fast intervention here, but it may also have been a specific thing. I'm not going on an archive dive right now to check, maybe later.
Nutster 13th Nov 2018, 8:57 AM
I remember pulling a stunt like this in Portal, but with my character, not somebody else.
...(RockB) 13th Nov 2018, 8:09 PM
Looks like a Portal trick, indeed. Not that I ever played it. Maybe it's not a hold-up but a speed-up. Still, given the situation, I stick to my idea of "time-travel is needed". This probably going to work somehow but I have not the slightest idea about how.

Well, except time travel.