Fusion #16 Page 8

9th Jul 2019, 7:01 AM in Out of Time
Fusion #16 Page 8
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Author Notes:

EssayBee 9th Jul 2019, 7:01 AM
Here's page 8 of Fusion #16, and Fusion gets a crash-course in multiversal terminology.


Black Rose 9th Jul 2019, 7:18 AM
Just how many Whistlers are there,enough to rival the Green Lantern Corps!?
EssayBee 9th Jul 2019, 8:56 AM
You're right in likening them to the Green Lantern Corps, only instead of being assigned sectors of the universe, each Whistler is assigned "levels" of universes in the multiverse.
Black Rose 9th Jul 2019, 1:20 PM
I can only imagine a Whistler in the universes of...

Lady Spectra & Sparky
Sidekick Girl
Miss Melee
Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki
Grrl Power

The list goes on...
Nutster 9th Jul 2019, 10:44 PM
We sure seem to read many of the same comics.

Krona: So, I still don't get why you wanted Dabbler and
me to come out to this bomb range with you.
Sydney: I wanted to show you guys this and I wanted to be far away from anything important if this goes screwy. [ Grabs blue orb and shows the wormhole diagram. ] See?
Dabbler has a huge grin on her face, her two upper hands are in tight fists up by her chin. Her lower hands are reaching out to interact with the wormhole diagram. After a stunned silence of inactivity, Krona is rapidly referencing her heads-up diagrams.
Dabbler: Skeee!!!
Sydney: I was hoping you guys could help me understand that. Dabbler, why are you whistling like that?
Dabbler: Hunh? That's not me. Oh, it's her. [ Points to a woman about 30 metres away ] Oh, no. You're one of them, aren't you?
Whistler: I guess I am one of us. I was hoping to talk with you guys about a hole in the fabric of the universe a few months back, but some of the elements weren't present before.
Sydney: Yeah, well, I only got back two days ago.
Whistler: [Thinking] Now, who has been punching holes into our reality again? I sure hope it is not those Twilight Sisters; they are very bad news. Hmm, that dog walker has the right residual energy signatures on her for those inter-dimensional wormholes. Hmm, that face... Could that be the same woman I saw last year using a low-energy wormhole between dimensions? The last time I saw her, she was wearing silver panelled armour and carrying a metal staff and she had black hair, not blonde. I guess she could wear a wig. No harm in asking.
Loreli Lyons: Hi. What song are you whistling?
Whistler: Oh, it just a tune to help me think about what's going on around me.
Loreli: Is that sort of like talking to yourself? I do that a lot 'cause it helps me think.
Whistler: [ Thinking ] Ok, I was wrong. There is no way she's the same woman I met last year. That woman was an absolute genius and this woman has trouble keeping her sentences together.
Loreli: I like that tune. Do you know any other songs? I really like Twinkle, Twinkle.
Jenny Everywhere: What the? I was trying for Magellan Island. Why I way over here?
Whistler: That's because Force Magellan has set up a redirection field for inter-dimensional travel. You either get funnelled into their high-security holding area or kicked out to land 100 km away. Hence, we are out here, instead of there. We will have to approach by conventional means.
Jenny: Do you have a plane or a boat? I do not feel like swimming that far.
...(RockB) 9th Jul 2019, 4:02 PM
Wow this is... er... um... outer-multiverse-ly ._.

Is there a word for a collection of multiverses?
Tolrick 9th Jul 2019, 4:42 PM
...(RockB) 10th Jul 2019, 2:31 AM
Hm... well, omniverses, then. Thx!
EssayBee 9th Jul 2019, 5:10 PM
Yeah, this 2-issue story arc is a bit on the weird side (which is par for the course with Wandering Whistler), but this will all tie into the main Fusion story line. Things will definitely be kicking up a notch soon.
...(RockB) 11th Jul 2019, 6:52 PM
Kicking up a notch further than several multiverses? I'm near the limit of my ability to imagine... :)

(But I did not forget Dandy-Lion and Brooder yet ;-))
EssayBee 12th Jul 2019, 6:39 PM
Not to worry. That plot line won't be left dangling!
EssayBee 16th Jul 2019, 10:55 AM
UPDATE: Sorry about the lack of an update this week. Lots of real-life work the past few weeks hasn't left much time to work on updates. Should be back to normal next week.