Fusion #17 Page 47

19th Jul 2022, 7:01 AM in High-Rise, High Risk
Fusion #17 Page 47
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Author Notes:

EssayBee 19th Jul 2022, 7:01 AM
Here's page 47 of Fusion #17, which brings this issue (and this story arc) to a close.

Fusion will be going on a between-issue hiatus for the next 2 months or so while I work on the next issue. And the next issue will be the first in the final story arc! Things will certainly be getting serious for our heroes in the coming issues!


shastab24 19th Jul 2022, 7:17 AM
I don't want it to end, but respect that you have a conclusion you want to work toward. There's still Dude in Distress, at least.
EssayBee 19th Jul 2022, 8:50 AM
Not to worry. The last arc will probably be 6 issues or so, so there are still a number of years before it's finished.
Black Rose 19th Jul 2022, 8:41 AM
Ever think of doing a time jump to where Fusion is now a college age student..?!?
EssayBee 19th Jul 2022, 8:52 AM
I do have a few ideas if I want to do a follow-up, and the biggest (and somewhat developed) of those ideas would indeed pick up 10-15 years later.
Black Rose 16th Aug 2022, 8:57 AM
An older Fusion wearing a Dasien inspired leotard costume...!
...(RockB) 20th Jul 2022, 6:23 AM
This would be a very good page to end a comic, in general. Here, there are some unresolved things. Namely, Oblivion.

But my first thought was: Thank you for this page! :°-) Yes, your world is in good hands. I wish the real world would be in the hands of kids who have a personal future instead of seeing their personal end coming within probably less than a decade.

Oh and he imagined his sisters answer, didn't he?
EssayBee 21st Jul 2022, 1:20 PM
I think he's pretty much imagining his sister's answers/comments, but they're likely based on what she said during his time with her in the Space Out of Time before Fusion and company showed up. There may be some residual life energy of hers seeping from the OM-Mat as well, but I would suspect that would be more of a warm, comforting feeling than a conscious conversation.

And, yes, the Oblivion matter will be moving to the forefront of Fusion's problems in the not-to-distant future.
...(RockB) 23rd Jul 2022, 8:34 PM
Thank you. Still :°-)
Tolrick 25th Jul 2022, 5:49 AM
Don't forget Grasshopper.
Hoping to see him and Fusion team up again.
EssayBee 25th Jul 2022, 9:07 AM
Grasshopper will be back.
Black Rose 26th Jul 2022, 8:38 AM
See you in two months...!
BarnOwl 30th Aug 2022, 12:59 PM
I've been following this comic for so long now in extremely happy that you are still working so hard on it
Guest 19th Sep 2022, 2:26 PM
Next issue will begin in October or November.